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Meet the Pastors

Mountain of Praise Church

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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the pastors.

Pastors Howard & Betty Fuller

Here is a picture of Pastors Howard & Betty Fuller, the pastors of our church. They founded Mountain of Praise Church and have been here for many years. Their dedication to their faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from. 
They have two grown daughters. Crystal and Amy. They also have three grown grandchildren. One grandson (Jeremy) and two granddaughters (Tonya and Devon). Crystal and Jeremy live in Kennewick, WA. Amy and Tonya live in Northwood, OH. Devon lives in Toledo, OH.
 Pastor Howard grew up in Lancaster, OH. where he attended a Methodist Church. He attended West Virginia Weslyan College and United Theological Seminary where he received a Masters Degree in Divinity. During his last year in seminary God led him to a church he had never been to before where he heard a messaage on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He told the Lord that if it was real and for him that he wanted everything God had for him. He went down to the altar that night and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
He eventually left the Methodist organization and now together with his wife Pastor Betty have their own nondenominational organization.
Pastor Betty is from Toledo, OH. She grew up in a Foursquare Church. She accepted Jesus Christ at the age of nine. Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 12, and preached her first sermon at age fifteen. She has taken Bible Study courses from Mount Vernon Bible College and United Christian Ministerial Association in Cleveland, TN.
Pastor Howard and Pastor Betty currently make their home in Kenton, OH. They are both licensed ordained ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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